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personal-020_3AMA is a family friendly facility concentrating on cultivating life skills through martial arts.

Our programs are age specific and our curriculums have been developed into award winning programs which help individuals to achieve their best, build confidence and look after their mind and body to make their training a way of life. AMA has formulated a progressive, non-agressive curriculum aimed at helping members to achieve their desired goals. Multiple programs are on offer to allow individuals to choose the right program to achieve their goals and take their training at a pace that suits them.

AMA allows people to develop discipline and respect and the 120 classes on offer spread over 7 days a week make it easier for those with a busy lifestyle to make this change. A key point of difference is the positive and inspiring environment with instructors mentoring others to create a great attitude, learn new skills and feel great. These are just some of the reasons AMA has won Top Martial Arts School in The World three years running. To see it for your self contact us for a free trial session now.

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