Advanced Classes

Kick Boxing

Our kick boxing classes are a huge hit with anyone wanting to have a great work out and build strength, fitness and have fun. The class caters for beginners through to advanced levels.

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Black Belt Club

Black Belt CLubIs an advanced training program combining weapons, gymnastics moves and tricks, XMA, and Taekwondo techniques in a fun and safe environment. This program is a specialty program in which those who have the drive, ability and focus to become black belts learn an advanced curriculum. The class is a fast paced, high energy class in which students are pushed to achieve peak performance and let their creative ideas flourish. 

Black belt club members must be at least an orange belt with their martial arts goal to become a black belt. Studnets must be invited to attend this class by The Master or a Head Instructor. Students will learn weapons, acrobatics, black belt patterns, advanced kicks and self defence. Classes are available for Dragons, Ninjas, Teens and Adults.

Take a look at some of these photos to get an idea of how cool this class is! Our students all want to be black belt club members!

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Masters Club

Master ClassThis program is for Black Belts only ! At Australian Martial Arts Academy we teach our students about a black belt way of life and encourage all of our black belts to continue their journey of excellence- this program allows these talented black belt students to work among students of only a high ability, quality and only with those with an outstanding attitude. Masters Club students excel and learn weapons, weapon defence, Xtreme Martial Arts, grappling, advanced kicks and patterns, pressure points and self defence.

Participation is encouraged in order to maintain the technique and fitness that we expect of all our Black Belts. Just like they say in the Karate Kid movie, learn to fight so you don't have to fight.





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Sparring Club

Sparring ClubSparring Club is a specialty program in which members practice the skill of tournament sparring (JUST LIKE IN THE LONDON OLYMPICS)  and have a class every week to pad up and spar under the guidance of international champion instructors. The program is available for both adults and children (seperate classes) and students learn to control their body, the determination to never give up and agility. The class is high energy, requires focus and pushes everyone to reach their peak!


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Xtreme Martial Arts Classes

This class takes traditional forms of multiple denominations of martial arts and merges it with modern gymnastics, acrobatics and music to make for a fun, exciting class which uses every muscle in your body. The class pushes students to defy gravity and work beyond their expectations and the benefit of coming from a taekwondo background is some of the most amazing, fast and high kicks that wow everyone.



Hapkido Classes

Hapkido Classes are available