Black Belt Club

Black Belt CLubIs an advanced training program combining weapons, gymnastics moves and tricks, XMA, and Taekwondo techniques in a fun and safe environment. This program is a specialty program in which those who have the drive, ability and focus to become black belts learn an advanced curriculum. The class is a fast paced, high energy class in which students are pushed to achieve peak performance and let their creative ideas flourish. 

Black belt club members must be at least an orange belt with their martial arts goal to become a black belt. Studnets must be invited to attend this class by The Master or a Head Instructor. Students will learn weapons, acrobatics, black belt patterns, advanced kicks and self defence. Classes are available for Dragons, Ninjas, Teens and Adults.

Take a look at some of these photos to get an idea of how cool this class is! Our students all want to be black belt club members!

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