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Eat Play Live is a Nutrition, Dietetic and Exercise Clinic delivering best practice, by a qualified Dietitian and Exercise Scientist to help you achieve your individual goals and make healthier lifestyle choices easier. 

Dietetic and Exercise Scientist Consultations are available with a key point of difference: Individualised dietary advice with a holistic approach to diet, lifestyle and body. The consultation room is within the Australian Martial Arts Academy and discounts are provided for members.

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Hours of operation: Monday to Saturday 8am- 8pm, by Appointment.



Nutrition Services:

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  • Weight loss or weight management
  • Nutrition for children and infants
  • Pre and Post Natal Nutrition
  • Vegetarian diets
  • Improving or optimizing energy levels and performance
  • General healthy eating for energy and vitality
  • Body fat, visceral fat and body muscle assesment, metabolic age and hydration assessment

Sports Nutrition

  • Sports performance: training and competition
  • Supplements, fatigue and body composition

Medical Nutrition

  • Lifestyle and diet modification: for blood pressure, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and other co-morbidities
  • Allergies, Intolerances and IBS
  • Pregnancy and fertility

Exercise Services

  • Weight Loss, build muscle, increase metabolism and feel great!
  • Exercise Prescription and recovery- have you injured your self or dont feel strong in certain areas?- let Sarah help you get back to your best!
  • Exercise & Fitness Education- find out what will help you reach your goals.
  • Fitness Assessments, strengthening & exercise program development

Corporate Packages

If you want to boost your staff’s immunity, improve health, productivity and reduce sick leave a range of nutrition and exercise sessions are available.

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Discounts apply for Australian Martial Arts Academy members

Sarah Perkins


Sarah is a qualified Dietitian and a member of Dietitians Association of Australia She completed her Bachelor of Science Exercise and Sports Science and Bachelor of Science Nutrition (Honors) at Sydney University.

Sarah has a passion for helping people achieve their nutrition and exercise goals and loves making a difference to people’s lives. Sarah understands the needs of sports people as she has trained and competed at an international level herself as a member of The Australian Taekwondo Team. She holds a 4th degree black belt and continues to train others in the benefits of taekwondo as well as eating to optimize health and performance! She has experience working with young children and adults.


To Book a consult contact Sarah on 0412 185 504 

(dont foget to mention if you are from AMA to get a discount)

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