Our Academy

Master Ridvan Manav established the Australian Martial Arts & Fitness Academy in Marrickville in 1982. Since then he has worked hard to build not only a successful Academy but also a thriving community. Today the Academy is a Black Belt Success School that offers a “Black Belt Guarantee”, celebrating over 1000 students recieving the rank of Black Belt since opening.

The Australian Martial Arts & Fitness Academy's curriculum is Taekwondo based but our classes teach hybrid of techniques including Karate, Judo, Thai Kickboxing plus many more. To maintain international training and grading standards, all programs are regulated by The World Taekwondo Federation. To modernise our practice and make it more applicable to self defence situations we have also incorporated techniques from various other martial art disciplines.

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The objectives of Taekwondo and the Australian Martial Arts Academy are:

  • To develop an appreciation for Taekwondo as a sport and an art.
  • To improve mental discipline, health and emotional equanimity.
  • To learn self-defence skills and improve confidence, self respect and discipline.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for one self and others.
  • For children to learn vital life skills as part of our unique age specific programs.

As valued members of our Academy, our student’s successes in both martial arts and in life are our topmost priority. Australian Martial Arts Academy offers a systematic method of student development and progress measured by coloured belts and grading procedures. We know that only when you are sure what your target is and why you need to reach it, should you raise the question of how you are going achieve it. At the Australian Martial Arts Academy the answers to these questions form the foundation of our practice.

Our Goal is to build our students into Black Belt Champions; to make our students more successful in life through the practice of their martial arts, and to always influence them in a positive manner. To accomplish this, we must instill the Champion's Attitude; to set goals for self improvement, and to develop the non-quitting spirit that is necessary to overcome obstacles and to be more successful.

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