School motivational talks and classes

We have many many topics to give talks on that can cover parts of the PDHPE syllabus (early stage1 -stage 6) which can be tailored for the topics you would like to cover.

One of the topics is:

Bully Busting Seminars

Our Program teaches children

"An appreciation of and a commitment to healthy and socially just ways of living"

  •  What bullying is
  •  That bullying in any form is not acceptable
  •  What to say if they are being bullied “Stop that I don’t like it!”
  •  Techniques to stop people from bullying them
  •  How to use their voice and hold their body, to show their confidence
  •  How to avoid being hit, if someone hits them (and not to hit back)
  •  Advice on who they should speak to if they are being bullied

What we can do for your school 

  • We can supply all of the instructors, equipment and facilities.
  •  Engage children in a fun and positive way.
  •  We  can incorporate any of your schools policies
  •  We encourage respect for teachers and do so by improving your students confidence 
  • And all while covering your PDHPE syllabus