School Sports Sessions


Australian Martial Arts Academy has been teaching martial arts in the area for 28 years now. We have hundreds of primary school children who love learning not only our sport but the benefits of focus, respect, confidence as well as stranger danger and bully busting. We wish to offer your school the opportunity, like many other schools from around the area our Martial Arts classes, which can be tailored to fit your schools time and arrangements. Included in this folder is a brief outline of some points that our sports session targets and information regarding the benefits for including martial arts as part of your school curriculum. We stress that the children will be in a safe and friendly environment under the guidance of our wonderful instructors whom have years of experience teaching primary school aged children.

Our sessions have been developed by and in consultation with; a PE teacher, dietitian, exercise scientist and martial arts experts.

What we can do for your school:

  • Contact us for a free assessment about what will work best for your schools needs
  • Australian Martial Arts will provide the instructors and all the necessary resources for fun, exciting classes and make sure every student learns something new.
  • We can link our curriculum to the NSW PDHPE syllabus Early stage 1-stage 6.
  • We have a wonderful fully equipped air conditioned hall you can use.
  • We can arrange to focus on any areas you are concerned with or simply cover all the areas highlighted above.
  • We can incorporate  your schools polices.
  • We do encourage respect for each other and our teachers and do so by increasing the children’s confidence.  

Our Program teaches kids:

  • Respect: We teach children to look people in the eye, to stand up straight and try their best!
  • That bullying in any form is not acceptable.
  • Strength, Flexibility and Control all while improving Fitness.
  • How to use their voice and hold their body, to show their confidence.
  • Self defence techniques and when and when not to use them.

Pleases contact Sarah if you have any further questions as to the details of this invaluable program.