AMA Timetable 2017 April



Little Dragons (ages 3–5)

Beginner: white and yellow belts

Intermediate: orange to blue belts

Advanced: blue to little dragon master belts

Dragons(ages 6-8) 

Beginners: White to Orange belts

Advanced: Green to Black Belt  

Ninjas (ages 9-12)

Teens(ages 13-17)

Adults (ages 18 & up)

Black Belt Club Available to BBC members from Orange belts and above

Masters Club Black belts only

Family Class Open to all ages. For parents, sibling and/or children to train together

Leadership Elite Learning to be leaders in all aspects of life. Technique, Discipline and Confidence. (ages 5-12)

Sparring Club A class to pad up and spar

Sunday Superstars A 4 hour camp on the first sunday of the month  for 3-13 year olds to learn gymnastic moves, cool kicks and tricks and safe weapons! bookings essential.

Please note: All classes can be interchanged from week to week: e.g. if you cant make it for your regular class turn up for another time that suits- you dont even have to call us. Catch them up if you miss them- So Flexible!