Our Vision

To improve the confidence, knowledge, focus and health of our community. To empower our community to be kind, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to stand up against bullying and harassment and to embody what it means to be a black belt; physically, mentally and spiritually. Martial Arts is used as the tool to cultivate a way of life that enables society to continually strive for excellence and to support each other.

Our Mission

To impact the lives of our community by building resilience, confidence, good mental and physical health and to give back to our community through our classes and community outreach programs.

To be the best Martial Arts service provider in the world, consistently innovating in order to achieve optimal member experience and influence. Have the highest level of Martial Arts education;emotionally,physically, to inspire individuals to overcome barriers for life. To create the reach to influence as many people with the martial arts philosophies and ‘ways of life’.


1. Positivity
2. Loyalty, community and unity
3. Personal growth & innovation
4. X-factor, passion, presence
5. Philanthropy
6. Reliability & professionalism
7. Team work, Leadership & support


Outreach Programs

  • Possums playgroup: free workshops for impacted low SES, vulnerable, drug or alcohol impacted mums and babies.
  • Starlight foundation: Partnering and supporting dues to similar mission and   vision.
  • Free women’s self defence workshops
  • Rotary partnership: Free bully busting workshops of all schools in Marrickville
  • Scholarships and Partial scholarships for members of the community in need. Email info@australianmartialarts.com.au to apply
  • Free month programs for NSW teachers and NSW health care
  • Disability groups and group home sessions
  • Sessions for children with behavioural and developmental needs through NDIS
  • Free sessions every weekday for kids with cancer


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