Posted 02 March 2016

AMA wins Global Top Single Martial Arts School Award!

02 March 2016

Fantastic News!

Over the weekend, Master Ridvan, Mrs Sarah, Mr Hakan, Mr Mark and Mrs Busra were in Melbourne for the Annual EFC (Educational Funding Company) Martial Arts Summit. They were awarded the most prestigious Global Top Single Martial Arts School Award.

Background on the EFC and Annual Summit. The Educational Funding Company is responsible for maintaining industry standards and educating members of the Industry. It has an active Martial Arts School count of over 750 academies world wide. The annual conference includes Martial Arts Instructors from all over the world congregating to attend seminars, workshops and presentations in order to provide the best programs and teaching methods to their respective schools. Master Ridvan was a keynote speaker at the Summit.

At the Summit, there is an awards night to reward pioneers within the Industry. Of the 750+ martial arts schools, we are very proud and grateful to have received the Top Global Martial Arts School Award again for the fourth consecutive year. Some of the areas used to tally the schools include active student count within the academy, quality of programs provided, curriculum development, instructor training systems and methods, online presence including website, social media and online reviews.

We would like to thank our wonderful team of staff, our students and families both past and present (over the past 34 years of AMA history) in helping us achieve the level we are at. We are extremely grateful to have you all part of the community.

With that said, we are not satisfied. We will consistently Strive to be the best Martial Arts Service Provider in the world. Maintaining the highest level of education and inspire individuals to live their best life. We are going to keep pushing the boundaries to provide the best platform for our members. We aim to influence our members through the martial arts philosophies and embody martial arts as a way of life.

We look forward to the journey ahead and encourage you all to come along with us!

AMA team!


"We strive to be the best Martial Arts service provider in the world, consistently innovating in order to achieve optimal member experience and influence. To have the highest level of Martial Arts education; emotionally and physically  inspiring individuals to overcome barriers for life. To the create the reach to influence as many people with the martial arts philosophies and ‘way of life.’



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