Posted 20 March 2016

10 tips to a healthier studying space

Having a practical and relaxing space to work is intengral to getting into a good study routine. Uncomfortable or distracting environments can be detrimental to any tasks at hand, as well as your physical and mental health, so it’s a good idea to spend a little extra time on making your studying space into something that you can work well in. Here are some recommendations to make your study life as comfy as possible!

Make it personal. Having something as simple as a small poster or something that you like can make your working space familiar and comfortable, which in turn makes you just that little bit more relaxed.

Keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your space with things you like, or they become distractions! It’s also good to organise your work regularly.

Stay hydrated! Working for long periods of time can cause us to forget how hungry or thirsty we might be. Keep a water bottle at your desk so you always keep hydrated.

Get some natural light. Working in a space with only artificial light not only strains your eyes unnecessarily, but also gives your space an attic-like feel!

Keep your room at a nice temperature. Every Australian knows what it’s like to be in the heat. Make sure you have some ventilation, and keep your place cool. If you have a tendency to get hot, consider having a small desk fan nearby.

 Posture! If you work at a computer a lot, try to have the screen at eye level to avoid neck strain. Having a chair that allows you to keep your back straight and your feet on the ground is also important!

 Take regular breaks. Although this may be a little unrelated, make sure to take regular breaks when studying or working! Stepping outside for a single minute can help a lot— it takes strain off your eye and gets your body moving. It’s recommended to take a break every 45 minutes to an hour to ease up your body. You may want to have a small stretch, too.

Avoid the bed! It sounds strange, but working on your bed—no matter how comfortable it is — can be damaging to your mental health. You’re in the mindset that your bed is for resting, so working on it puts your brain in a completely different mindset, and this can actually make it harder to sleep at night.

Colour code your space. Having a range of colours in your working space can get you motivated, especially if you’re a visual learner. Different colours evoke different emotional responses— for example, red can get you excited, whilst blue can calm you down. This is called colour psychology, and it’s quite useful when organising your workspace.

Have a bit of green. Keeping a plant in your study space helps to relax your body. Nature, and the colour green, are both associated with calm and relaxation. It sounds like a hassle to have to take care of a plant, but you can keep something as small as a cactus, which only need a little water every once in a while.

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5 steps to a healthier, more productive study space!


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