Posted 03 May 2017

AMA Theme of the Month of May: Courtesy

This month in our classes the overarching theme is Courtesy. Discussed throughout the classes and specifically in our Mat Chat component.

Courtesy can be a neglected virtue. But like many others, it is a virtue of habit. We learn to be courteous when we develop a habit of being grateful, polite and respectful. We can teach our children to be courteous by consistently modeling polite behaviour. Through our actions. Our children see how we behave and follow suit.

This month we will be talking to your child about manners, constructive critisicm and gratitude. You can help at home by reinforcing these principles. Show your children you are grateful for their contributions by complimenting them if and when they complete their tasks. Offer constructive critisicm on homework or other activities thank your child for valuing your opinion.

At the Academy, we teach your child that it is courteous to address adults using “Miss” “Sir” and “Master and how to bow to instructors and classmates. We also teach them to be courteous in their daily lives by respecting themselves and others, being politie and responsive in conversation. By paying attention at school and at home. As always, we want to partner with you to teach teach your child valuable lessons he/she can use long after they achieve their Black Belt.

Teaching your children the value of courtesy and good manners is yet another way you can equip them to be successful in life.


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