Posted 28 March 2016

Belt Promotions at AMA

Belt promotions are an integral part of the AMA system as we help guide you on to your path to your black belt and beyond. One of the many benefits of Martial Arts is its Progressive system of improvement through consistent training.

As with any endeavour, starting out is the toughest. However, our qualified staff will make this process smooth and rewarding. With the 34 year history of the Academy, we are proud to have all our instructors complete our curriculum and take part in our instructor development program, to ensure quality is consistent in all programs and that you or your child receive the best service possible.

Our Belt Promotions occur on a seasonal basis 4 times per year. All dates are set at the start of each calendar year and are uploaded to our website and on our ‘Calendar of Events’ poster at our Headquarters. During the term basis we encompass a wide range of training systems, including our rotating curriculum covering the many elements of martial arts and including practices from different styles. We also have our themes that coincide with the physical element of the class. For example, we concentrate on bully busting, focus, respect, following the rules, giving thanks, showing gratitude. These values will transcend into all areas of your life. Everything needed for belt promotion will be covered in class.

Each belt system thus has their own belt specific physical requirements, to which instructors monitor and report during classes leading up to the day. Each belt also has their own assigned kick that is focused upon. This term basis has enabled individuals to work at their own pace and provides the flexibility to achieve the necessary outcomes required by their belt curriculum.

The Promotion days are split according to age and belt level. This is a great way to be with your peers from different programs. At the academy, we have over 110 classes, so coming together with all your fellow belts are a great way to build camaraderie, friendships and training partners throughout your Martial Arts Journey. At the judging Panel, there will be the Grand Master Ridvan, Founder of AMA, and the Head Instructors. Your regular class teachers will also be there to support you and help see you succeed! Place the dates in your diary, so that you have time to arrange how to get here and who will come and celebrate with you. We are a Black Belt School and we encourage all members to enjoy the transformational journey to the coveted Black Belt.

Belt promotions only occur 4 times a year, and are a fantastic occasion to bring your friends and family along to celebrate your growth and development. They are also a great way to improve your confidence in a safe environment, by getting up and performing in front of your peers. You can practice at home by downloading our belt curriculum through the members section of the website, or by purchasing our grading practice video through the hard copy dvds available at reception or online through our Vimeo account. As they occur once every three months, it is important to ensure that special arrangements are made to ensure you are present for your grading.

Please note that belt promotion applications need to be completed and signed by an instructor first. Our Academy only encourages students that we feel are ready to attend the event. If you are unsure about whether or not your child is ready, speak to the instructors as they are the professionals who can assess how they are tracking to do well at their belt promotion night.

Gradings require a small fee of approx. $50-60 which covers all of the testing, accreditation & certification, medals, belts and instructor fees for the event. This of course is on top of the benefits of improved confidence, motivation and recognition of improvement…which is priceless? If for some reason you don’t do as well as you hoped (we stress that we only encourage those who we feel are ready to attempt) and do not achieve your belt, this fee is credited to the following attempt and payment will NOT be required for the following grading.

AMA is a member of Taekwondo Australia, The World Taekwondo Federation…(any others here) and has also won the top Single Martial Arts School in World (4th consecutive year – EFC), so after your great achievements be sure to take photos, and let everyone know about your amazing success.


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