Posted 07 April 2016

Grand Master Ridvan 9th Degree Black Belt!

Congratulations Grand Master Ridvan on achieving your 9th Degree Black Belt.

It has been a stellar 6 months for Grand Master Ridvan. From being inducted to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame in Croatia, to AMA winning the top single global martial arts school and now achieving his coveted 9th Degree Black Belt at the World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

Master Ridvan’s Taekwondo journey began many years ago in 1975 with humble beginnings starting as a 12 year old. 41 years on, he is still kicking, punching and inspiring more then ever. Currently at a youthful age of 53 years of Master Ridvan underwent a strict training and diet regiment to get into the best of shape in preparation for his grading

12 weeks out, he started his training camp with a strict 6 day training program, consisting of cardio training, strength, conditioning, swimming, taekwondo and patterns practice. Master Ridvan is in the top 3% of Taekwondo Practitioners in the world.

He went to Korea a week in advance to acclimatise to the conditions and trained for 8 hours per day leading up to the grading. It was gruelling but his consisting training leading up to this point had him well prepared. The judging panel consisted of board members of highly regarded 9th dan grandmasters who must uphold to a strict criteria. After the week long assessment, master Ridvan completed the grading in honours and was promoted to 9th Dan.

Furthermore, Mrs Semra, his wife was in a critical condition, which made the decision that much more difficult to make. She has been with him for 29 years of his journey and has dedicated his achievement for her.

Master Ridvan’s actions demonstrate that we must continually set and achieve milestones in life, no matter what stage of our lives we are in. Furthermore, it is important to mention that there will almost never be an ideal preparation. The toughest of challenges and road blocks will arise when you least expect it. Use them as motivation. We must continue to push through the mental and physical barriers in order to achieve our desired outcome.

Congratulations again Master Ridvan.


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