Bully Defence Workshops

Bully defence workshops are scheduled at different points over the year. They cater for students who have been bullied and also parents or students wanting their child to proactively develop the skills needed if or when bullying effects them.

AMA’s Bully Defence workshop are fun, effective and educational. Attendees learn form the points below:

• What is a bully and that bullying in any form is not acceptable
• The 5 steps to escalating the bully response
• Am I a bully too?
• How to avoid contact with the bully and keep safe when there is physical bullying
• Where can we go if we need more support
• When and how to help others being bullied

You do not have to be doing AMA’s martial arts programs to take advantage of these awesome sessions and many people attend more then once to reinforce and keep front of mind the skills needed to be confident and comfortable against bullies.

To enquire about our next bully defence workshop please contact us at info@australianmartialarts.com.au