What is Community Kicks?


Community Kicks is the not-for-profit organisation operated by the Australian Martial Arts Academy as a means to support and give back to the community. There are several ways in which Community Kicks works within and for the wider community, including classes operated for parents and kids in hospital settings, fundraising and a range of scholarships at the Australian Martial Arts Academy.


  • When did CK get started?

Community Kicks started as a means of offering students facing financial or other difficulties access to martial arts and other education. Since the founding of the Australian Martial Arts Academy 38 years ago Grand Master, and founder, Ridvan Manav has provided support to students and the community; Community Kicks is merely an organisation to formalise the generosity and support that underpins the Australian Martial Arts Academy’s ethos.
Over these 38 years, multiple scholarships, academic assistance programmes, fundraisers and other projects have touched the lives of thousands of students and community members.

  • Vision

Community Kicks aims support the broader community to assist as many people from diverse backgrounds as possible.

  • Mission
    Community Kicks has two main focus areas. Firstly, to provide accessible martial arts to as many people as possible by working with community groups and providing scholarships to the Academy. Secondly, Community Kicks operates various fundraisers throughout the year to support charity partners.

AMA Community Kicks organises events and opportunities that support members of our community and great charities like The Starlight Foundation and The Breast Cancer Foundation. We look forward to continuing to support these great causes and fostering the confidence, compassion and respect for all members of our community in years ahead.

Community Events hosted by Community Kicks

Free classes for with kids with cancer – Week days

Martial arts classes for sick but amazing kids are hosted every day of the week at AMA Marrickville. These classes cater for children who have are affected by cancer or other life changing illnesses. The classes are run in very small groups to cater for the needs of individuals and have the goal of improving quality of life, having fun and learning new skills. All sessions are free and are made by booking. If your child or community organisation or someone you know would benefit from these classes please make a booking now

Free Bully busting sessions for children in the community – Quarterly

These self defence work shops are held every school holidays and are run free of charge for all members of the community. Ages 3 to 16 years. We believe every child should have access to education about bully protection and this is one way we make it accessible to all members of the community. For more information about our next event or to book your child in please contact and request information about community kicks free bully busting session.


Annual Starlight foundation tournament

Every year AMA host a Charity Championships in which staff donate their time and the academy provides all the resources to supporting the great cause of helping sick kids. All proceeds are donated to the starlight foundation. This event is partnered with the starlight foundation and is a fun and empowering event for all involved.


NSW Teachers- train for free during the month of May AND

NSW healthcare workers – Train for free for the month of October

In an effort to give back to the amazing people who support our children and keep us healthy and well, Community Kicks alongside Australian Martial Arts provide free sessions to this amazing population who give so much. We love helping keep this population as they provide so much to support for others. It is great to keep them mentally and physically at their best and feeling safe. For more information about our next event or to book yourself  in please contact and request information about community kicks free sessions for NSW teachers or healthcare workers.

Starlight Superhero Week – Annual

During this week we endeavour to raise awareness of kindness, compassion and being a real life superhero. We encourage people of all ages to make small changes at a home and at community level that impact us for the better. This event is a fundraiser for the starlight foundation and the young people and their families (superheroes) that they support!


Free Fundraiser Disco for NSW schools

AMA Community kicks offer the space and staff for schools to host their very own school fundraiser free of charge. Events can be tailored to suit the needs of the school and up to 100 attendees. The NSW School can charge a fee to attendees if they wish to raise funds for school resources. If your school would benefit from a fundraiser book your free event now with the heading free fundraiser disco for NSW schools.

Free Self Defence Workshops for Women

AMA Community Kicks offers free self defence workshops for women in the community. The event has the goal of improving access to education of basic self defence for women who have been a victim of domestic abuse or bullying and empowering them to feel strong, safe and take care of their body and mind. All women of the community can come and support and get involved in this event. Many women in need are found through the support of the Addison Rd Community centre.  To get involved in our next event please contact with the heading of Free self defence workshop.


AMA Community Kicks offers scholarships for martial arts and leadership tuition for members of the community in need each year. The goals is to improve access to members of the community who would otherwise not be able to access classes. Scholarships or partial scholarships include class payments, uniforms, insurance for people from a disadvantaged background or members of the community in need of help. To apply for a scholarship please contact with the heading of scholarship application.

AMA Shave for a Cause

The Bold and Beautiful. Congratulations to Mr Mark and Ms Georgia for your bravery, courage and generosity in leading this cause. You inspire many and we are extremely proud of you. We’d like to thank our AMA community for getting behind this campaign. Your contribution is much appreciated.