Sarah Seargeant

Sarah is a Taekwondo 4th Dan Black Belt with over 20 years of experience.

Her wealth of knowledge is vast due to her background of sparring on the Australian Team, her education and professional practice as a dietitian and exercise scientist and her development of Mini Dragon, Lil dragons and Dragon curriculums. Sarah understands how to create curriculums which target the needs of children of all ages and their parents. She transcends martial arts from kicking and punching to a medium which encourage kids to develop confidence, communication skills, build friendships, educate on how to take care of their body and all while making it a “whole heap of fun”.

Sarah’s collection of gold medals is impressive with a gold medal achieved at these international events; Korean Open, Malaysian Open, Chung Do Kwan Asia Pacific Championships and South Pacific Championships in contact sparring.

Sarah loves the challenge of teaching Taekwondo to different age groups including her young students, mums, dads and everyone in between. Sarah is an Exercise Scientist and Dietitian, whose expertise is valued by club members. With her high achievements here in Australia and around the world, Sarah brings out the best in her students. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable. Sarah’s goal is to make exercise fun, positive and accessible for the whole family.

Sarah’s Diet and Exercise services are available at the Marrickville Headquarters – Eat Play Live. Members love that they can go to the one place to make sure that their exercise, diet and lifestyle are all in line with reaching their goals.


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