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The Little Dragon’s program has been developed to help your three, four or five-year-old child develop self-control, respect, manners and confidence all while having fun and making new friends.The curriculum is designed with a new theme every week discussing age appropriate life skills around confidence, focus, following instructions, health, bully busting and stranger awareness, all of which are in line with your child’s age based developmental milestones.

Class content is developed by our Exercise Scientist and Masters of Education specialists in line with the physical and emotional skills that this age group need to develop. Classes have a component of fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, strengthening exercises and meditation. Clear outcomes are met in order to progress through the Little Dragons belts to set your child up with a great foundation in the sport of Taekwondo and Self Defence.

Our students learn far more than kicking and punching. Here the teachers encourage students to learn their phone number, make their bed, introduce themselves, be respectful of others and be aware of their surroundings and body. Little Dragons will learn about eating right and the importance of learning to take care of their body and mind from a young age. Our dedicated team is ready to make sure that your child is set up for success.

Please view our comprehensive timetable to check the latest classes for your age group! Classes run for this age group 7 days per week. Each class is 30 minutes long run out of our Full-Time Marrickville location in Sydney’s Inner West.


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all the instructors that have been supportive of my son in the early months of his lessons. In particular Miss Montana and Mr Otis who have had most contact but everyone else who has encouraged him…especially when he was a bit reluctant to go in (Mr Mark had to carry him in at least once!).

I think we are mostly over the hump now and Sunday morning are about excitement now.


AMA is an amazing Martial Arts Academy that has transformed my 7 year old over the past 4 years. Kiki started off in the Little Dragon’s program at 3 when she was shy and lacked confidence. She now has worked incredibly hard to achieve a black belt and applies all that she learns at Taekwondo to her school and social life – she understands respect, the need for hard work and focus and learns not only Taekwondo, but also important life related skills such as self-defence, stranger danger, how to deal with bullying, leadership skills, how to become a teacher and tricking! AMA is now an integral part of her daily life and she loves being part of the great community that they have created.

There are so many types of classes to choose from as well as extra curricular events, such as Sunday Superstars, and Birthday Parties. Kiki had her 5th Birthday Party there and amazed her friends with all the skills and gymnastics she had learnt but cutting her cake with a “Samurai ” sword topped the bill!
The teachers really are excellent role models that the students look up to and strive to be like. They always show care and consideration, and its never too much trouble to make themselves available to listen and answer questions and concerns.

AMA was recommended to me and I am so pleased I acted on it.


I enrolled my daughter almost 4 years ago on advice from a friend who knew Grand Master Ridvan through some of the pastoral support programmes he has set up for students over the years – above and beyond martial arts training.

After seeing how much my daughter was getting out of the programme I decided to start as well; making it part of our family routine. As one of the least co-ordinated and sporty people in the world I was worried. From the first class I discovered not only a fantastic array of supportive and exceptionally talented instructors, but a wonderful community where students help and encourage each other.

Four years (almost) on and my not-so-little girl is 7. She has a passion for contact sparring and wants to represent Australia in the Olympics one day. I love seeing how AMA has helped her discover a passion, and how the focus, self-confidence, friendship, ‘bully-busting’ and safety skills she learns benefit her every day. I, somehow, have a black belt myself, and love the fun, friendly and physically challenging classes. I am now fitter than I’ve ever been, and feeling stronger and happier in my own body. Some of our family’s closest friendships have been made and/or cemented through AMA. I remember the first time I met Master he told the class that at AMA we are one big family, and as trite as it may sound, I truly have felt that ever since.

I may well be biased, but I truly cannot recommend the Australian Martial Arts Academy highly enough. There are programmes for everyone, from 18 month-olds on; there’s tae kwon do, along with kickboxing, self-defence, tricking, leadership development and low-impact classes based on tai chi.


I decided to start my son doing martial arts when he was 3. He was a big strong boy and didn’t understand his own strength so he was rough and pushed a lot and it was becoming an issue. I started Jacob at AMAA in one of the first Little Dragons classes. It took a couple of weeks for him to settle in but with the help of the wonderful Miss Sarah he was soon loving it and within a few weeks the pushing and roughness was gone. He had an outlet & understood when and how he could or should use his strength. It was fantastic!
When Jacob got to school at age 5 & a half (after 2 years at AMAA) he had already learnt self discipline, focus, concentration and goal setting. He already understood the importance of learning and the pleasure of achievement. He had self respect and respect for others and he had an incredible martial arts school full of amazing role models to look up to and follow.

Jacob turns 10 in 2 weeks. He has been with AMAA for 6 and a half years. Next year he will sit his 3rd Dan Black Belt exam. We have spent thousands of hours at AMAA and every time I am there I still see things that confirm for me what an amazing place it is. My son has other activities and sports but he has learnt far more from this environment than any other and all around him are children who are taking it all in and supporting each other.

I could go on and on about the great instructors, the world champions, the flawless leadership of Miss Sarah, Mr Hakan and Miss Busra and the vision of Ridvan Manav (The Master) – together they have created more than just a martial arts academy. They have created a school that aims to teach our children to be safe & strong but also to be real adults, good people, hard workers, respectful community members and good role models.

Oh – and they teach Tae Kwon Do and guess what – they are the best in the world!!

“I think martial arts is great for kids confidence, its a beautiful combination between brain and body”
“My sons coordination and flexibility has really improved…but i think its the confidence, i can see him getting more and more confident the better he gets”
“He feels really good about himself and thats lovely”
“I think the belt system is really positive, it means he’s rewarded for all his hard work”
“We almost always have Mr Mark and he is a Delight, he’s kind, he’s really positive, the classes are run professionally”
“Theres a lot of warmth and a lot of encouragement.”
“Sebastian has become so much more coordinated and confident” (Sebastian’s Mum)
“He definitely knows how to stop a bully”

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“The Instructors are all an inspiration, the Master in Particular”


The most incredible teachers and inspirational people that make you feel like part of this respectful community x


I feel so comfortable walking into this place , all the staff are so wonderful always willing to help out in any way great atmosphere


“Every teacher I’ve found is so supportive and challenges you in different ways.


I’m loving that martial arts has become a family experience for us. What a great school.


Great school, great atmosphere,So keep it up guys great job


Its not just a Martial Arts Academy, It’s a community. We love it.


The Academy is always so welcoming and encouraging, all the teachers are so friendly. My son loves the classes he attends as he has so much fun whilst learning, which means he always looks forward to going to his classes.
Thank you for all that you do!


“it doesn’t matter if you are a white belt or a black belt, everyone is treated equally and with the utmost respect”


Warm, friendly and helpful staff, always making you feel welcome. A great place to work on fitness and learn self defence.


I have been a part of this club for close to 15 years and I am so excited to now see my own children now being a part of it! I can already see an improvement in confidence, understanding and discipline for my little one. Respect is a huge factor and seeing his admiration for instructors lets me know he has already established well grounded role models.
Love that I cannot wipe the smile off his face also before and after class.
Thank you team AMA!


My two kids have been training with AMA for the past 18 months. The experience we have had to date has been absolutely phenomenal. The instructors are always friendly and down to earth when interacting with the students. I really appreciate the motivational speeches by the Master and head instructors – particularly Mr Hakan who strongly emphasises the importance of education and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


My son and I love coming to this place. The organisation and discipline are outstanding and the quality of what is delivered is top class. Well done!


I couldn’t speak more highly of the Academy. Such a wide range of programs for all ages that cater for everyone’s level. The children’s classes my son attends are great, he always has loads of fun whilst learning the techniques of the sport, so he always looks forward to going to his classes. All the teachers are amazing, extremely skilled, with such a consistent teaching style and always of a high standard. The atmosphere at the Academy is so welcoming and encouraging and I highly recommend the Academy to anyone.


Brilliantly organised and fantastic instructors


From the moment we got in touch with the academy, they could not have been more helpful and inclusive. My young son lacks concentration but the staff encouraged and guided him in a positive friendly manner. The lessons include not only instruction in martial arts but include social skills such as confidence building, team work and participation as well. the staff are encouraging and always explain why they are doing something as well as how, it was all broken down in a manner that kids just get! The timetable is incredibly flexible and the options they offer suit busy families as we all are! My son came away enthused and vibrant about the class and excited about the next one. I would definitely recommend and will be back!

My son who is normally timid got stuck straight into the class and liked it. I was skeptical at first, of how encouraging the staff all were, but after two visits I’ve had time to evaluate and it’s genuine. You teach in a supportive, encouraging environment and you’ll breed it. Love that the week is flexible. Was dubious as they recommend doing two classes a week but since you aren’t locked into one class you can change and come whenever it suits you that week. Also love it’s not just karate but social and life skills they are learning.

The minute I walked in at the AMA I fell in love with this place. The energy in the Academy is amazing! Calm but firm, respectful yet fun! If you have a high energy child that needs some guidance how to direct their energy into a positive outcome, this is IT! The staff is extremely nice and very informative. Classes run often and kids get to show what they have learnt on a day in front of their parents. My daughter loved it from the very first time and couldn’t stop practicing her little routine that she has learnt on her first day. Kids are encouraged to practice and listen so they can achieve the next level belt. Parents can relax with a cup of coffee while waiting for the session to finish. Great place to start and continue this adventure with Martial Arts.

Friendly staff. Great programs for all ages even from 18 mths old. Lots of classes to choose from throughout the week, giving you flexibility.
Voted as the best martial arts school in the world. Our whole family trains here and would highly recommend it to everyone.


Great place for the kids to do their extra curricular activities. Very active program. They teach techniques as well as philosophy such as respect, etc. Very professional and friendly teachers. kids love it there!


Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes
Especially for our children that attend twice a week and the adults a number of great reasons as self-defense,

mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment. It’s brilliant.

“The Instructors are all an inspiration, the Master in Particular”


"We strive to be the best Martial Arts service provider in the world, consistently innovating in order to achieve optimal member experience and influence. To have the highest level of Martial Arts education; emotionally and physically  inspiring individuals to overcome barriers for life. To the create the reach to influence as many people with the martial arts philosophies and ‘way of life.’



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Our Mission

“We strive to be the best Martial Arts service provider in the world, consistently innovating in order to achieve optimal member experience and influence. To have the highest level of Martial Arts education; emotionally and physically inspiring individuals to overcome barriers for life. To the create the reach to influence as many people with the martial arts philosophies and ‘way of life.’


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