The Ninja’s Program takes the needs and energy levels of the 9 to 12-year-old age group and challenges them to set goals and achieve them.

Students practice self defence, bully busting and stranger awareness skills while progressing through the sport of Taekwondo. Students are consistently challenged by class programs which change every week, clear belt based content and the options of progressing into many advanced programs. These include advanced kicks and tricking techniques, sparing, patterns, advanced self defence and demonstrative weapon routines.

Your child will be encouraged to take care of their body and have a positive attitude and work ethic while ensuring that each class boasts a great fitness, flexibility and strengthening component. Watch your child develop into a focused, driven young person with healthy life habits as the instructors chat regularly about the challenges this age group face including managing stress and emotions, decreasing screen time, taking responsibility for themselves and their body and having a positive attitude.

The Ninja’s program has been developed over our 35 years of experience to work in accordance with the needs of this highly evolving age group to ensure that they are ready for the social, physical and mental requirements of high school. Our dedicated team is ready to make sure that your child is set up for a successful life ahead.


Started our first session today, and our son enjoyed it so much. Thank you and looking forward to many more sessions to come.

Two of my daughters are currently enrolled in the Ninjas Program at the academy. They are 9 and 11. Initially, i was reluctant in getting them involved as i didnt know what to expect. But from the moment we walked in to AMA, the staff were friendly and accommodated my shy girls right from the get go. They are now hooked and loving the classes. One of the best decisions we have made as a family.

The most incredible teachers and inspirational people that make you feel like part of this respectful community x

I highly recommend AMA Marrickville for kids to build self esteem and self respect. My 10 year old son has been attending regularly for almost 3 years now. He has also attended quite a few of the school holiday camps which he loves too. His confidence has increased significantly and I attribute that to AMA. Sarah has been so supportive when he was going through a tough time; when no one else was interested. I love all the teachers here they’re all so kind and excellent at what they do!

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“The Instructors are all an inspiration, the Master in Particular”


The most incredible teachers and inspirational people that make you feel like part of this respectful community x


I feel so comfortable walking into this place , all the staff are so wonderful always willing to help out in any way great atmosphere


“Every teacher I’ve found is so supportive and challenges you in different ways.


I’m loving that martial arts has become a family experience for us. What a great school.


Great school, great atmosphere,So keep it up guys great job


Its not just a Martial Arts Academy, It’s a community. We love it.


The Academy is always so welcoming and encouraging, all the teachers are so friendly. My son loves the classes he attends as he has so much fun whilst learning, which means he always looks forward to going to his classes.
Thank you for all that you do!


“it doesn’t matter if you are a white belt or a black belt, everyone is treated equally and with the utmost respect”


Warm, friendly and helpful staff, always making you feel welcome. A great place to work on fitness and learn self defence.


I have been a part of this club for close to 15 years and I am so excited to now see my own children now being a part of it! I can already see an improvement in confidence, understanding and discipline for my little one. Respect is a huge factor and seeing his admiration for instructors lets me know he has already established well grounded role models.
Love that I cannot wipe the smile off his face also before and after class.
Thank you team AMA!


My two kids have been training with AMA for the past 18 months. The experience we have had to date has been absolutely phenomenal. The instructors are always friendly and down to earth when interacting with the students. I really appreciate the motivational speeches by the Master and head instructors – particularly Mr Hakan who strongly emphasises the importance of education and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


My son and I love coming to this place. The organisation and discipline are outstanding and the quality of what is delivered is top class. Well done!


I couldn’t speak more highly of the Academy. Such a wide range of programs for all ages that cater for everyone’s level. The children’s classes my son attends are great, he always has loads of fun whilst learning the techniques of the sport, so he always looks forward to going to his classes. All the teachers are amazing, extremely skilled, with such a consistent teaching style and always of a high standard. The atmosphere at the Academy is so welcoming and encouraging and I highly recommend the Academy to anyone.


Brilliantly organised and fantastic instructors


From the moment we got in touch with the academy, they could not have been more helpful and inclusive. My young son lacks concentration but the staff encouraged and guided him in a positive friendly manner. The lessons include not only instruction in martial arts but include social skills such as confidence building, team work and participation as well. the staff are encouraging and always explain why they are doing something as well as how, it was all broken down in a manner that kids just get! The timetable is incredibly flexible and the options they offer suit busy families as we all are! My son came away enthused and vibrant about the class and excited about the next one. I would definitely recommend and will be back!

My son who is normally timid got stuck straight into the class and liked it. I was skeptical at first, of how encouraging the staff all were, but after two visits I’ve had time to evaluate and it’s genuine. You teach in a supportive, encouraging environment and you’ll breed it. Love that the week is flexible. Was dubious as they recommend doing two classes a week but since you aren’t locked into one class you can change and come whenever it suits you that week. Also love it’s not just karate but social and life skills they are learning.

The minute I walked in at the AMA I fell in love with this place. The energy in the Academy is amazing! Calm but firm, respectful yet fun! If you have a high energy child that needs some guidance how to direct their energy into a positive outcome, this is IT! The staff is extremely nice and very informative. Classes run often and kids get to show what they have learnt on a day in front of their parents. My daughter loved it from the very first time and couldn’t stop practicing her little routine that she has learnt on her first day. Kids are encouraged to practice and listen so they can achieve the next level belt. Parents can relax with a cup of coffee while waiting for the session to finish. Great place to start and continue this adventure with Martial Arts.

Friendly staff. Great programs for all ages even from 18 mths old. Lots of classes to choose from throughout the week, giving you flexibility.
Voted as the best martial arts school in the world. Our whole family trains here and would highly recommend it to everyone.


Great place for the kids to do their extra curricular activities. Very active program. They teach techniques as well as philosophy such as respect, etc. Very professional and friendly teachers. kids love it there!


Quality of Instruction:Excellent Other aspects:Excellent Recommended:Yes
Especially for our children that attend twice a week and the adults a number of great reasons as self-defense,

mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment. It’s brilliant.

“The Instructors are all an inspiration, the Master in Particular”


"We strive to be the best Martial Arts service provider in the world, consistently innovating in order to achieve optimal member experience and influence. To have the highest level of Martial Arts education; emotionally and physically  inspiring individuals to overcome barriers for life. To the create the reach to influence as many people with the martial arts philosophies and ‘way of life.’



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