AMA staff have been awarded numerous accolades for not only their skill sets but their positive attitude, professionalism, level of education and their amazing connection with their students.

The team are highly trained multiple time black belts, all who have come through the ranks at AMA too. AMA only employees staff who have trained at the academy leading to their friendly, professional team who exemplify what it is to have martial arts as a way of life. These passionate people don’t view martial arts as a job… but a mission!

Instructors include a world martial arts champion, international taekwondo champions, television and events performance members and The Grand Master instructor is the highest ranked black belt in the world for Taekwondo and Hapkido.

Instructors are specifically trained to run age appropriate programs, school and pre school sports sessions, corporate events, child safety checked and first aid trained.

AMA instructors include a master of education graduate, exercise scientist, dietitian and those with a background in medicine to lead with one of the most well educated and trained martial arts team in the world. Furthermore, Instructors are developed through our AMA university which incorporates current teaching methods and works in accordance with Industry standards.